Foods that you should eat everyday for longer living

Foods that you should eat everyday for longer living

With advancement of science and various researches conducted in health related topics almost everyone is aware of the benefits of healthy cooking. Research shows that only eating healthy food would ensure that one lives a longer life. Healthy cooking is becoming more popular these days and it’s possible to learn more about it from different sources. If you stick to healthy diet and avoid processed and cooked food, you can live to be over 100 and still be healthy.

Eat about 3 small amounts of fish, daily Researchers in USA have been following 96,000 Americans and they found that those who ate food that comes from plants and include a small piece of fish up to once a day lived the longest life. The best choices of fish are sardines, cod and anchovies which are not highly exposed to high level of mercury or extra chemicals.

Eat three eggs per week

People normally eat just one egg at a time. For longer ling try filling out your breakfast with one egg with fruit or any other plant-based foods such as a bread or porridge. Egg helps to control blood sugar. A study shows that older men and middle aged men who ate about 3 eggs a week had lower blood sugar and 31% lower risk of diabetes than those who take one egg a week.

Eat chocolate

Foods that you should eat everyday for longer livingThe actual pure form of chocolate that is derived from the Theobroma cacao tree is a superb diet that can keep you healthy even in its enjoyable taste. The actual chocolate is filled with plant-based flavanols, healthy boosting ingredients, antioxidants and anti-inlammatory constituents that can do a lot of things for your minds and body including the increase of your life span.

Avoid dairy milk

Your digestive system is not optimized for cow’s milk because it contains high amount of sugar. People usually take milk with an aim of acquiring calcium. But instead, you should take kale as it give as much as a cup of milk can provide.

Reduce sugar consumption

To live a healthy and long life, you should avoid adding more than 4 tablespoons of sugar a day to your food and drinks. Start having candy, cookies and bakery items only a few times a week. its also important to avoid sweet processed food especially if this food has sugar listed among the first five ingredients.

Foods that you should eat everyday for longer living

Add a half cup of cooked beans in your every day diet

Beans are made up of 21% protein 77% carbohydrates and only a little fat. They also act as a perfect source of fiber and filled with plenty of nutrients per gram than any other food on earth. At least a half cup of beans per day of beans in your diet provides most needed vitamins and minerals that body need.

The main reason why there is much difference in our lifespan is that we are not eating our natural diet. It’s important to treat yourself by eating nutritional diets for longer living rather than depending much on doctors.